A good mask can do wonders for the skin, and like most beauty treatments, the benefits have been known for thousands of years. Mask ingredients include herbs,vitamins, and oils, which can be combined in clay, seaweed, or hydrating bases. Masks come in powder form already pre-mixed.

Masks allow the practitioner to treat a variety of different skin conditions at the same time. Masks that hard often include setting ingredients, which dry and provide a complete barrier on top of the skin. Ingredients such as clay, alginate, paraffin wax, and gypsum  (a kind of plaster ) generally account for this effect. Nonsetting masks, such as cucumber or aloe, stay moist and are more hydrating.

When Micro-Needling  my clients I prefer Hyaluronic Acid Mosturizer. I use it during the procedure and after, finishing with a mask containing the moisturizer. I firmly believe it helps get maximum results when Micro-Needling your skin.

Masks provide numerous benefits for the skin. Depending on their ingredients, they can do the following.

1 tighten and tone

2 draw impurities out of the skin

3 clear up blemishes

4 hydrate

5 nourish

6 calm and soothe

7 rejuvenate the skin


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